Culture vs Cruelty

The Yengeni “Cleansing Ceremony” has scratched open a rather unpleasant sore. While I have nothing against the slaughter of animals for food, what I do have a problem with is the irony of the new emerging black “middle class” in South Africa.

This single-malt- swilling, Gucci-wearing, Merc-driving, sit-on-your-fat-arse-and reel in the-BEE-deal brigade seems content to adopt the dreaded “Western” lifestyle when it suits them, and then on weekends don the old family skins and stab innocent animals until they bellow a message from their ancestors. Oh, and then slowly slit their throats with a blunt penknife or even better still, kill them with their bare hands. How pathetic.

Mr Yengeni, do you honestly, honestly believe that this poor animal has a message from your ancestors? MTN, Vodacom or Cell-C? How do you know if your bull has a signal? What number do you dial? Is it a sort of SMS?

Do you think your ancestors will approve of the 2010 World Cup? Will we be getting their views at the start of each of the matches? I wonder what the fans will think of this bloody spectacle, and our country for that matter?

Our beloved Constitution protects your rights to your freedom of expression, and your culture, and your religion. It is up to YOU to express these as you will. However, I also have a right to express myself, and I find your cruelty to innocent animals disgusting and repulsive. Yes, I am sure that my ancestors also sacrificed animals a thousand years or so ago. Since then a thing called “civilization” came along and we found the practice unnecessary. Would you like to join us?

PLEASE leave comments. I’d just like to know that I’m not alone in these views.


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