Watching me, watching you.

Baby Octopus recipe from yesterday was fine. A bit chewy, but probably because I cooked for too long while getting stuck into a fine Cabernet. Oh, also I had no Basil. Will try again sometime.

Check this out;

Solar-powered wireless camera

It’s a solar-powered wireless surveillance camera from Sun Surveillance

With the crime problem what it is in South Africa these would be great, but the following points are worth mentioning;

  • Some dodgy BEE company would probably get the contract and they wouldn’t even be delivered
  • They’d be stolen within days of installation and turn up for sale in some taxi rank.
  • Nobody would be watching them for crimes.
  • Even if a crime was witnessed, the police would (a) take an hour to get there (b) not respond at all (no petrol) (c) Go to the wrong place (d) probably steal the camera when they got there.

Nice idea though, especially with no power or network cables required.

Quote; “When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”



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